More Trump Versus Trump – The Iowa Tweet Edition!!

Trump really seems like the GOP version of Obama – he will change his story completely just to save his own ego.

Here’s what he said about spending in Iowa when he thought he was gonna win:

But now he’s saying he didn’t spend there:

So he’s blaming the “experts”? But if he’s so smart then why did he listen to them and not spend in Iowa? I thought he was smarter than everyone else. According to those who know him well, he actually doesn’t ever take anyone’s advice. But that’s an easy excuse to make after a loss.

UPDATE: This is an important point to make about his “self-funded” campaign:

The truth is that the media is funding his campaign. If they stopped covering him 24 hours a day, he’d have to pay for it, or lose in the polls. And he’s already said it isn’t “worth it” to spend money:

Oh and also.. remember when he said how brilliant he was for skipping the GOP debate?

Here’s some irony for ya:

LOL!!! Of course there’s video of him mocking candidates for missing that debate – posted here. 

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