Here’s How The Media Started The FALSE RUMOR That Cruz Called American Soldiers ‘Psychopaths’

Everyone is freaking out over a quote from Ted Cruz today. Here’s how it was first reported by CNBC’s John Harwood:

But that’s not what he said. The internet freaked out. They assumed Cruz was calling our soldiers “psychopaths.”

But it doesn’t matter, they’re running with it, because they hate Cruz so much:

This an idiot Daily Show writer tweeted about it and deleted since. 

And that’s how it happens. A small lie is spun into a big one and a candidate is smeared.

Do you think these people give a crap when these a-holes called Chris Kyle a psychopath? Or when this Obama official referred to American soldiers as psychopaths? NOPE! They only pretend to give a crap when they think it can hurt a Republican.