How Trump’s Thug Tactics Got Lewandoski Off The Hook…

Today we got the confirmation that Trump’s thug campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was NOT going to be charged with battery against Michelle Fields. But after all the Trumpons finished cheering the triumph of authoritarianism, more details starting coming out about how Trump intimidated his way out of trouble:

The billionaire bully (although he’s more likely a millionaire mobster) personally called and who knows what he said to these people. It could have been threats or promises but they got what they wanted.

Understand that before this, Trumpsters where whining that the prosecutor was a Democrat so the charges were all “trumped up” – now they’ll say the authorities were the most fine, upstanding, virtuous officials EVER!!

This is the rationalization they gave – they considered him a law enforcement official because of what the Secret Service told him:

The insane thing is that ALL Lewandowski had to do was apologize! That’s IT!! And all of this would have gone away! But he’s sticking to his guns and probably won’t apologize even though the police seemed to say there was enough evidence for probable cause in the case:

Instead of apologizing and making it all go away, they’re doubling down and threatening Michelle Fields even more in order to intimidate her out of pressing civil charges, which she said she would do last night on the Megyn Kelly show:

She SHOULD have a good case, based on what the police department admitted at the press conference:

And don’t forget – a large part of the reason that she pressed charges was because so many Trump supporters were screeching, “if it happened why doesn’t she press charges?!” They smeared her character personally until she was forced to press charges – and then they accused her of just wanting attention.

This disgusting episode is just the beginning if we let this cheeto-faced totalitarian into the White House.

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