IDIOT: Trump Regurgitates FALSE Comparison To Reagan He Read On Twitter

I’ve seen the morons on the mainstream media repeat Trump calling Ted Cruz “lying Ted” about a hundred times today, but NOT ONE has reported that deceptive Donald is repeating a stupid lie that he read on the internet about his favorability rating and Reagan’s.

The great William Jacobson from Legal Insurrection explains what happened:

…a meme was created and spread far and wide earlier this month that Trump’s favorability is no worse than Ronald Reagan at a similar point in time in his challege to Jimmy Carter. The conclusion being that if Reagan could overcome that obstacle, so can Trump.

So, the theory goes, those of you Republican national convention delegates who worry about Trump being a general election disaster who could cost Republicans the presidency, House and Senate have nothing to worry about.

A post by Gallup (discussed below) explains why that is not accurate, and why Trump’s favorability is much worse than Reagan’s. But equally important is to examine how it came about that Gallup even is discussing the issue.

It turns out that it started with a tweet by Ann Coulter, picked up by Gateway Pundit, linked by Drudge, then incorporated into Trump rally speeches. It is, in a sense, a perfect paradigm of the Republican primary so far and how pro-Trump social media has helped Trump.

Here’s the tweet from the desiccated pterodactyl:

But Ann Coulter is a stupid liar leading a pack of stupider liars.

Gallup explains why:

We were able to locate the data from the Los Angeles Times New York exit poll from March 25 from the Roper Center archives. This shows Reagan with an overall 35% favorable rating — similar to but not the same as the 30% reported in the Washington Post article. So there remains a mystery as to the origin of the 30% number cited in the Washington Post article. But regardless, these data are from New York state voters, who constitute a substantially different group than the national population with which it is being compared — not a useful comparison.

The favorability rating was from New York. Ironically, the analogy would be better if you compared Ted Cruz to Reagan, as his favorability ain’t that great there either.

Of course, that won’t stop the Trump morons from repeating the lie – they’re addicted to spreading lies now.

And since Trump literally gets most of his information “from the shows” or from false memes on the internet, he repeated it to his moron supporters at his rally:

During a rally in Rome, N.Y. [on April 11, 2016], Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump cast himself as the inheritor of the mantle of Ronald Reagan — at least in the way Reagan came from behind to win the 1980 presidential election.

“I haven’t even started on Hillary, and my numbers are better right now than Ronald Reagan’s numbers were with Jimmy Carter,” Trump said, at about the 17:50 mark. “Ronald Reagan had a 30 (percent) favorability and he was behind Jimmy Carter by so much everybody said, ‘Oh, this is going to be a disaster.’ “

That’s why Trump is ahead, though not enough to get the nomination. In the internet age too many Americans just believe whatever stupid crap they read or hear that fits in to what they want to hear. And Trump knows it.

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