‘Do You Have ANY Integrity?!’ – Steve Deace Obliterates TrumpBot And ‘Rigged’ Election LIE On CNN

Wow things got really tense when Steve Deace FINALLY called out the lies from the Trump campaign and it was their spokes-moron Kayleigh McEnany who took the brunt of the attack!

Watch below:

I love how McEnany whined about “ad hominem attacks” when Trump’s entire campaign has been personal attacks on people!!

CNN cuts off the video above, but you can see Steve proof his point in the entire segment that I posted at the Right Scoop.

Brooke Baldwin tried to save Kayleigh, but Deace just destroyed them both after Brooke admitted he was right and Kayleigh was lying. It’s good to hear them finally call out the deceptions from the Trump campaign.

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