Florida Professor Openly Praises ISIS for Cutting Off Thieves’ Hands According To Sharia!

Some group calling itself “the West United” captured a really remarkable video of a Muslim professor openly saying he practices Sharia Law with his Muslim buddies, AND that it’s great that ISIS cuts off people’s hands, because it saves lives.

Watch the video below:

Here’s a transcript of the comments:

“Sharia law is being practiced in the United States. We at the Islamic Center at Boca Raton practice, we practice Sharia. If someone doesn’t know.

Where there is no Sharia, Islamic Sharia, they die in dozens and hundreds every day because of organized crime. People kill people, other people or steal pizza for $10 and so – so when Islamic Sharia is saying about capital punishment – so even though it sounds like it is severe but if that is the solution to prevent any crimes, then it still has a lot of rules and regulations.

I will just mention one and stop here, which is let’s say cutting off the hands of a person if they steal. It sounds very severe. It sounds very barbaric, I know. But if takes one or two people to have their hands cut off, and then there’s no more stealing and there’s no more stealing in the whole nation – that’s a much better resolution than having hundreds of people die every day.

Now, there is a video cut at the end of the first sentence, so I don’y know if he clarified just how it is that they practice Sharia law at the Islamic Center at Boca Raton, but if he then goes on to praise cutting off hands for robbery, I’d be pretty worried about that!!”

Do you remember how the media mocked conservatives for saying that Sharia was a threat in America? They said it could never happen here and we were believing in conspiracy theories. What would they say about this professor in Florida admitting his Islamic group practices it in America?

Here’s the Twitter account of Florida Atlantic University:

That was the “Islamophobia” conference where the Muslim professor, Baseem Alhalabi, teaches Computer Science. Feel free to contact them and let them know how you feel about their hosting a guy who advocates Sharia law!!!

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