Liberals Erect 20 Foot Inflatable Trump In Traditional Democrat Anti-Diversity Garb!!

They call themselves “immigrant activists” but that’s usually a euphemism for illegal alien advocates. Anyway, they set up a pretty impressive 20 foot tall KKK version of Trump outside the Arizona rally today, which we all know, is just a traditional Democrat party costume in celebration of lynching blacks and other anti-diversity activities.

They have a point, IF their point is to welcome Trump as a Democrat, because he’s supported so many of their politicians and causes!! It’s also pretty ironic to have a Democrat jackass mascot in front of a KKK figure – they must not know history very well.

This dude stopped by and started arguing with the donkey suit guy:

Yelling slogans at each other is all the debate we get in America anymore.

Here’s more from their “peace rally”:

At least they were peaceful this time.