Charity-Cheating DEMOCRAT Faces 357 YEARS In Prison Over FRAUD Charges!!!

When a headline appears about a politician doing something bad and it doesn’t identify their party you can be sure it’s a Democrat – like this one from Politico: “Brown arraigned on charges she used group to fund lavish events, car repairs.”

Here’s the story about the DEMOCRAT House Representative Brown:

Longtime Democratic Rep. Corrine Brown learned Friday that she could face more than 300 years in prison, after a lengthy investigation has her facing federal fraud-related charges.

The crux of the 24-count federal indictment unsealed Friday are accusations that Brown and her chief of staff, Ronnie Simmons, used her official post as a member of Congress to help solicit $800,000 in contributions for a sham education charity. Most of that money, prosecutors say, was spent on things like vacations, events in Brown’s honor and car repairs.

If convicted, Brown, 69, could face up to 357 years in prison and $4.8 million in fines, while Simmons could get up to 355 years and a $4.7 million fine. Both pleaded not guilty to each charge outlined in the indictment.

The 12-term congresswoman is a staple in Florida politics, and a political powerhouse in Jacksonville, a city largely led by Republicans. She wore a long white dress to the arraignment, leaned back in her chair as the numerous charges against her were read aloud by the lead prosecutor.

“That’s a lot to digest,” said Judge James R. Klindt.


Here’s a news video about the charges:


And what she did was really heinous, continued from Politico:

The charges are linked to the One Door Education Foundation, a Virginia-based group founded in 2011 that purported to solicit donations to help with things like scholarships. Prosecutors say the group was a scam and that most of the $800,000 in donations went to benefit either Brown, Simmons or the group’s president Carla Wiley, who has already pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud and has been cooperating with the feds.

Part of the conspiracy, according to the 53-page indictment, involved Brown using her position and influence as a member of Congress to get donors to give money to the group.

“Brown, Simmons, and Wiley used Brown’s official positions as a member of Congress to solicit contributions to One Door for Education and to induce individuals and entities to make donations … based on false and fraudulent representation that the funds would be used for charitable purposes,” read the indictment.

Court documents outline allegations that Brown and Simmons took money from the foundation, made cash deposits into their personal bank accounts and used the money to pay for a bevy of personal items — including $5,000 for a magazine cover featuring Brown, nearly $3,000 for a 2013 Miami Beach vacation taken by Wiley and Simmons and $2,643 for repair work on Brown’s personal car.

How despicable is that? It’s not just that they stole, but they stole from CHARITY. And stories like this keep people from donating from other, good, charities because of scumbags like her!!

This was buried in the avalanche of news the last few days, so please get it out as much as possible. It’s much too delicious to keep covered up.

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