The Pivot Candidate Trump Tweets Threat, Insults To Morning Joe And Mika!!

Apparently el Trumpo didn’t like the coverage he’s receiving on “Morning Joe” this morning, and although Kellyanne Conway rushed to tackle him on his way to his iPhone to tweet, Steve Bannon ran her down and cheered him on as he killed the precious “pivot”:

Far be it from me to disagree with the Donald about his pretty dead on assessment of Mika Brzezinski, but what happened to the toning down and pivoting?

He didn’t stop there:

Wow. There have been a lot of rumors flying around about Mika and Joe having extracurricular activities after her recent divorce, but leave it to Trump to drag his presidential campaign into the celeb gossip gutter.

Joe Scarborough rose up to defend his girlfriend:


And then retweeted this:

Oh and by the way, here’s his new pivot campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, saying Trump doesn’t insult people!!

LOL!! It’s almost like he specifically goes out of his way to humiliate those who go out to lie for his sake!! It’s tremendous and fantastic.

Bye bye, presidential pivot!! We hardly knew ye!!!

UPDATE: I had to do this photoshop – Trump loves to read the story about the snake and a tender-hearted woman at his rallies. Like with nearly everything else, he’s just projecting his vices onto his political enemies.

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