‘Downright TERRIFYING’ – Hillary Destroying Trump Among Hispanics In Florida

Trump promised that he would win Hispanics with his immigration message, but if Florida is a sign for the rest of the country, it ain’t going too well for the Donald.

This is no bueno for the toupee’d totalitarian:

That’s “early in person” and “vote by mail” ballots.

From Politico:

Hillary Clinton is besting Donald Trump by an historic 30-point margin among Florida Hispanics, according to a new bipartisan poll that indicates Latinos could play an outsized role in delivering the White House to a Democrat for the third election in a row.

Clinton’s 60-30 percent advantage over Trump with Florida Hispanics overall is fueled by outsized support from voters of Puerto Rican descent, who favor her 71-19 percent, according to the survey of 800 likely Hispanic voters jointly conducted for Univision by Republican-leaning Tarrance Group and Democratic-leaning Bendixen & Amandi International.

Trump, meanwhile, has relatively weak backing from Cuban Americans. They historically vote Republican but only support him over Clinton by 49-42 percent, the poll shows. And Hispanic voters of other national origins heavily prefer Clinton over Trump by 71-20 percent. The overall error margin for the poll is 3.5 points.

“These Florida numbers are not only ominous for Donald Trump — they’re downright terrifying for Republicans nationwide,” said Fernand Amandi, Bendixen & Amandi’s pollster, who called Clinton’s 30-point margin “historic.”

Notice that they call the MARGIN historic – she’s actually not doing any better than Obama did among Hispanics in 2012. He also got 60% in Florida. The big difference is that Trump is doing much worse among Hispanics by 9 points.

Here’s more about the impact of Hispanics in Florida:

Hispanics account for almost 16 percent of Florida’s 12.9 million active registered voters. In 2012, they were about 14 percent of the registered voters. At the same time, white voters have decreased 2 percentage points to 64 percent of the voter rolls.

If the poll is right and if Hispanics cast 16 percent of the ballots in an election with 72 percent overall turnout, Clinton would build up a margin of 437,000 more votes than Trump.

So far, Florida Hispanics have cast about 14 percent of the nearly 4.9 million early and absentee votes as of Thursday morning — far out-pacing their 2012 share of the vote five days before Election Day.

If this is accurate, then there’s no way Trump is winning in a few days, and it signals that he’s going to lose pretty bad in other states as well.

And more:

Does anyone really believe blacks are flooding the voting booths for Trump?

Gonna pull a Trump here and say, EVERY SINGLE POLL shows Hispanics hate Trump. This can’t bode well for him, even if Hispanics are a small portion of the overall vote.

And finally,

The graph shows early in person ballots are YUGELY above 2016. And Democrats are doing better overall. BUT we don’t know what the crossover effect is, and we don’t know how many of those non-affiliated ballots went to Trump or Hillary. There IS one small poll that shows a shocking 26% of Republicans in Florida voting for Hillary as opposed to only 6% of Dems voting for Trump….