Fun! Bob Beckel Slaps Around Eric Bolling On Trump Wiretapping Accusation

Look, I don’t care where you stand on Trump’s accusation that Obama wiretapped him. No matter what you believe, this beatdown of moron meathead Eric Bolling and equally vapid Kimberly Guilfoyle by Bob Beckel while Dana Perino laughs interiorly, is pretty… awesome.

Watch below, it gets crazy:

OK so here’s the deal. Dana Perino actually asks Bolling a really good question about Comey demanding the Justice Department rebuke Trump’s claim. And you know how I know it’s a good question? Because the meathead moron ignores it. Quite possibly because his two dimly-lit half-wits just couldn’t fire up the juice necessary to decipher the polysyllabic words she uses. This is a common problem for Bolling.

Literally, the idiot completely ignores the question and launches into some idiotic defense of Trump.

IN any case, the idiot rambles on, pretending that HE discovered something widely passed around on the internet that is intended to be the main proof of Trump’s assertion. It is this – there was a New York Times article that said there was wiretapping at Trump Tower right after his inaugural. Woah! Caught red-handed, right!! Well no.

Here’s why – we would expect intelligence services to listen in on the Russian ambassador when he calls American officials. Duh. We’d be pissed if they WEREN’T doing that. But that doesn’t mean they were literally, technically, wiretapping Trump Towers. What it means is that they wiretapped a guy that called someone in Trump Towers. That’s all. 

And, don’t forget, that until the Trump campaign was caught lying about it, they completely denied that ANYONE on the campaign talked to the Russians.

But, if you’re a Trump-humping hack like Bolling, you can deceive yourself into thinking that’s absolute proof.

Now, does that mean there’s no proof of wiretapping? Of course not. There’s just no absolute, case closed proof. So let’s get on with that investigation, shall we? I, for one, would love to find out more about what the intelligence services discovered about Trump’s connections to the Russians. And if we indict Obama on the way there, then that’s just a win-win as far as I’m concerned.

Finally, the lovely and brilliant Dana Perino had the best, most insightful, and incisive question of this entire episode. She asked what the reason might be that Trump doesn’t simply pick up the phone and ASK the intelligence agencies to give him ALL the info they have on Obama surveilling him. Gosh, that’s an excellent question, Dana!!

In fact it’s so good that Guilfoyle, the slightly more witted of the Trump-humping duo on the Five, acquiesced before her intellectual superior.

But of course, Bolling kept debating absurdities. And Beckel kept slapping him around.

So. Let’s start that investigation huh?