Here’s How To Donate To Mexico Earthquake Relief, And KNOW It’s Being Spent Well

It has been absolutely heart-breaking to see the devastation in Mexico after the tremendous earthquake that struck near Mexico City.

If you’re looking for a way to donate to help so that you know absolutely every penny is being used efficiently, I put my complete confidence in Adventures in Life Ministry. I have met and know this man, and trust him implicitly.

It’s very difficult to donate to any charity when you know the money will be saved for other causes, or that it’ll go to huge salaries or enormous advertising campaigns.

That won’t happen here:

And here as well:

If you want to help, and want to make sure your hard-earned money will actually help, you can trust these people. I put my reputation on it (whatever you might think of my reputation is another matter…).

I’ll try to post updates of how they’re helping those in need on my website.

Thank you for any donation.

And if you can’t donate, pray. And even if you can donate, pray as well.