Despicable: Scumbags chant ‘We hope they die’ and block ambulances after 2 LA officers are shot in the head

Late on Saturday night two Los Angeles transit officers were ambushed and shot in the head. Instead of rejecting the violence, Black Lives Matter protesters are reportedly approving of it:

Pretty despicable. Do you think the mainstream media will ask ANY Democrat politician if they support this disgusting show of approval for violence against police? NOPE.

UPDATE: SO I made a mistake. I need to apologize for posting an image of BLM protesters on this post earlier. From all we know those were just some scumbags on the streets, we don’t know that they were BLM protesters. That was misleading, and I shouldn’t have done it. The LA County Sheriff’s Office said they were protesters, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily BLM protesters. Now, I’m 99% positive they would align themselves with BLM, and I think Democrats should still be made to denounce this behavior at the hospital, but, I shouldn’t have misled readers.

[End Update]

Here’s someone else reporting the disruption from protesters at the hospital:

And another video of the disruption:


Thanks to Bill O’Keefe for sending this to me. It’s a very clear video of who the protesters are:

SO they’re definitely some neighborhood scumbags who hate cops. I am about 99% positive they would support the BLM movement. But that doesn’t mean we should pin this on all of the BLM movement.

[End Update]

Here’s the video of the shooting:

It sounds like the two police, one male and the other female, are fighting for their lives in critical condition. Let’s pray they survive and recover.