Here’s the huge list of people that had come in contact with Trump and Hope Hicks and could be COVID positive

Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any worse, Trump and Melania have tested positive, and they may have spread it to a lot of people they came in touch with.

MSNBC put out a list of people who have been in contact with Hope Hicks, who appears to have been the first person to put Trump at risk:

So. Yeah, that’s a problem. Also there’s this:

A lot of GOP donors. Oh and don’t forget:

That could be liberal wishful thinking, but maybe not.

So far, Mark Meadows has tested NEGative:

I’ll update with more information on the other possible coronavirus positives…

UPDATE: Here’s where we are.

Senator Mike Lee of Utah has tested positive.

And he was with a LOT of people and could have exposed them:

Trump is now exhibiting mild symptoms:

Biden and his wife are negative:

RNC chairwoman Rona McDaniel is positive:

Amy Coney Barrett tested negative:

…but she’s had it before and recovered:

From what I understand, this does not necessarily mean she won’t get it again. There have been some cases of that happening, and not everyone who gets it once is forever inoculated from getting it again. Also:

Also the president of Notre Dame is positive: