SooperPodcast #483!! Look at me. We are the Boomers now.

We have restorted the podcast!! We get an adult progeny update from Jess and then we discuss whether we should sue MATT, who isn’t there, also Jess tells us all the horrific details that we missed about the imploding submersible from a month ago. ALSO el Sooper discusses the origins of a very obscure tweet he put out in the universe, then we talk about the ads we’re getting served also we make fun of people in the papillondemonium and their friends. ALSO el sooper gives an arguing with black people update that will not disappoint. Or maybe it will. Then there’s tweetdeck and twitter drama. Wow! What a cast! Also tips on dealing with those rascally Gen-Xers. And then there’s about 20 seconds about actual politics. Go listen now!!  

Here’s the podcast just sitting here waiting to fill your earholes with wisdom!!

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Here’s some of the tweets referenced in the podcast:




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