By left-wing standards, ‘Bidenomics’ is incredibly racist against black people

OK here we go. You all might have missed this little tidbit about how “Bidenomics” is going, so I thought I would document here.

While unemployment has been at historically low levels, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, blacks are overly represented in new unemployment claims since April. From the Hill:

Black workers made up about 267,000 of the 300,000 new unemployment cases this spring, the report says. The current unemployment rate of the demographic sits at 6 percent, nearly twice the rate of White employment — which sits at 3.1 percent.

So how do we interpret this? So if we’re fair and reasonable, we can say that perhaps the industries that are losing most workers are those that have predominantly black workers. I honestly don’t know if that’s true or not.

But, but the standards regularly used by the media and by liberals, this makes Biden’s economic program unbelievably racist.

Liberals regularly point to any racial disparity as de facto proof of racism. If there’s a disparity in prison rates, that means it has to be racism. If there’s a disparity in school testing, that means it has to be racism. And if conservatives try to argue that there are other causes associated with these disparities, they are being racist.

So, ergo, Bidenomics is absolutely racist by that standard.

Of course, in reality that’s stupid and it just shows how dishonestly people argue on the left about issues of race.