The BEST Halloween costumes from social media 2023 UPDATED!

It’s Halloween time again and this year I saw so many great costumes on social media I thought I would document some of them for posterity.

Of course there’s gonna be a zombie army of Barbies. You really need to distinguish yourself and not just go with the basic Barbie costume. Give me clever, give me witty, give some contemporary meme magic!! Anyway, here we go!

We’ll start with the lower end of the spectrum and work our way up!! This is a pretty decent public transport costume, and it was praised by the appropriate government office:

Yeah that kid is gonna be lonely tho.

This one is a classic, gotta love the iconic oldies television references:

Another classic television costume:

UPDATE: Classic film reference!!

Let’s go Buffalo Bill! Oh wait. Wrong Bills.

This is sooper-adorable!!!

And this is very sweet:

Decent anti-Biden costume:

UPDATE: There were a few other Biden costumes and they are hilarious!!! This is just brilliant:

In the interest of fairness, this is actually clever:

A great sports reference very well done:

Another  sports one, took me a minute to get it:

I know we’re all sick and tired of Kelce and Taylor Swift, but this is pretty good:

Very clever:

This one starts off amazing and then gets incredible:

I’m a sucker for clever word play:

Very good very good. Here’s another one:

More nerd costumes:

Of course, we need housing commentary:

The spiralling Zillow ad really makes that one.

This one hurts!!! It took me a second to get the movie scene:

Yes, it’s Neverending Story!!

This next one is brilliant, I might have to do this next year:

But that’s not my favorite this year, it has to be this one:

Genius!! I mean a spot on impression, one of the more memorable memes of the year, all around incredible costume. Love it!!

If I missed any please send them to me on twitter or my email! Happy Halloween! Don’t do anything satanic!!