The best and funniest ‘load bearing’ tweets from the mega-viral thread on Twitter

This tweet has gotten more than a quarter of a BILLION views because of the incredible responses it has gotten:

I’ve laughed at so many of them that I just had to make a list of the best ones.

Here we go, in no special order:

The main boy.

Well when you put it that way:


Dammit Dennis.

Oh no. The imagery.

Don’t laugh it’s tragic.

It’s a good song tho.

What a scene.

Why they’re not doctors.

Some funny kids.

Another funny kid.

What now Hitler.

They don’t argue well.

Every time.


And now the not safe for childrens section:

Damn commies.

Yup. This one you gotta expand to read the second tweet.

Stupid moon.

Makes you think.

It was a different time.

This one isn’t really that funny but it is close to my heart because I actually got into a deep debate with a guy who was literally mopping the floor at a Taco Bell over the Arian heresy, which he was defending.

No wonder he was mopping. I hope I was more persuasive than the tacos were good.

Hope you had a good laugh.