El SooperPodcast #487!! Are you OK South Korea?

THIS WEEK we have returned for the Summer! We have Jessica and we have no Matt, sorry Matt fans, he doesn’t love you and doesn’t care for you. WE get to talk 911 no more in Massachusetts, Skype gets annoying with artificial intelligence, and the abortion in Hungary thread!! ALSO we diagnose ALL of the mental problems and addictions in South Korea, el Sooper gets conspiratorial about Gavin Newsom and then he goes on and on about smartphones in schools! BAN THEM!! He admits to being a massive hypocrite. Then we solve the world’s problems, it’s amazing!! Go listen now!! To the sooperpodcast! It has returned!!

And here it is in case it doesn’t load up on your browser, click here!

Here’s the weird place I talked about on the podcast! It’s real!! Not a dream, JESS, if that is your real name.

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