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WTF?! Before Paris Attacks, Obama Officials Were Concerned About Syrian Immigrant Threat, But Not Anymore?!

Thanks to these great video clips from the awesome Free Beacon, I am in utter bewilderment as to what the hell is going on in the Obama administration.

They put together a handful of times that Obama’s own officials admitted and warned about the terrorist threat among Syrian refugees.

Watch below:

And yet, Obama is now mocking Republicans for saying exactly what his own administration says!!!

How the holy hell is there any rational explanation for this when the event that signaled a change in their policy was the Paris terrorist attacks???

I usually tell people not to look to conspiracy theories when blind incompetence and stupidity will explain events more simply, but in this case, it really does appear like Obama is actually turning administration policy towards what they’ve already admitted puts Americans in grave risk.

Obama Statement On #Paris Terror: ‘I DON’T WANT TO SPECULATE ON WHO DID THIS’
  • adam

    It comes down to pride. He was just talking about upping the amount of syrian refugees into America. Then he goes on tv and says ISIS is contained, and then Paris happens. He needs to double down so that in his mind he doesn’t look like an idiot.

  • Capt_Morgan

    Obama is such a loser, “isis is contained…” Paris bombing. “Afraid of women and children” woman blows self up during police raid.

  • Capt_Morgan

    I hate being a conspiracist as well, but when every fact points towards your theory, it gets hard to disprove. My theory is that obama is anti american, and wishes to lower our standing in the world. Please, anyone, enlighten me as to any act obama has taken that benefitted the USA.

  • Joshua Benson

    Yes, he is. Problem is greater when a loser wants to take the country down with himself… He’s doing all he can to reduce the US standing in the world, and to foment chaos here at home. And we still have him for another fourteen long months.

  • Tippy Larkin

    Gee, ya think? A guy co-writes a book with a self described Communist named Bill Ayers who was a Weather Underground Terrorist who teamed up with Blacks to try and overthrow the country, and then in that book he names all of his mentors, and along with his slut for a mom, ALL HATED AMERICA WITH A PASSION AND YOU ARE FINALLY CATCHING ON HE’S AN ENEMY OF ‘WE THE PEOPLE?’

  • Tippy Larkin

    Two of his Mentors were Cloward-Piven, look up their “strategy” to Hope to Change America into a Socialist country.

  • Tippy Larkin

    “Organizing for Action will remain Obama’s primary nonprofit vehicle for subjecting the American people to the community organizer-style terrorism that got him where he is today. Obama has also used taxpayer money to train “hundreds of thousands of junior agitators through AmeriCorps, a Clinton youth program he’s dramatically expanded,” and through My Brother’s Keeper, the ‘racial justice’ initiative he launched in the wake of the 2012 death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin.
    Obama openly supports the violent Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter movements, which are “coordinating activities with nonprofit ACORN clones, who are being secretly bankrolled through Justice Department subprime settlement funds extracted from banks.”
    Obama is leaving behind a generation of militant jerks — collectively known as his “family” — to continue to proliferate protests and militate against everything and nothing. These irritating, self-absorbed, belligerent brats will “hands-up, don’t shoot” themselves into every cobwebbed corner of society, and the liberal media will give them the national bullhorn to amplify their hatred every time.
    Chronic social irritation can do lasting damage to the fabric of a nation. By falsely accusing people of racism … or sexism … or homophobia … or Islamophobia — or whatever other “ism” or phobia they come up with next — these agitators are creating angst and hatred in people’s hearts that wasn’t there previously.
    Which is precisely the point.
    Happy Americans have no interest in fundamentally transforming the nation. Serial Lying Con Men like Obama Hope to Fundamentally transform a nation that make the mistake of Trusting a slick talking non-vetted Arab-American claiming to be a black man.” http://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/260841/obamas-permanent-protest-matthew-vadum

  • Capt_Morgan

    I caught on long ago. Obama would not even pass the most basic low level classification backg4ound check. Precisely because of his past affiliations.

  • Tippy Larkin

    Great to know there are many others who are not low IQ uninformed duped and clueless Useful Idiots. But then again, anyone who knows the history of the two major parties in the US has to be extremely void of the ability to think and reason if they are Registered with the DUMBasCRAP Crime Inc. There two lone good Patriotic men were Bobby and JFK, both MURDERED by the greatest Mobster in US history, LBJ and his CIA. Bush Sr ran the operation code named The Big Event for him in Dallas. Bush Sr and Nixon were the worst of the GOP but were aberrations as opposed to the norm for Dems. You ever wonder what happened to the dumbest kids in class? They either grow up to be convincing liars like Obama and Biden (bottom 10% of their class) and control the Dems Party, or end up being USeful Idiots of them.

  • Walter

    This doesnt end well no matter what.
    He has started a Radical Conflagration on Numerous Levels. Just as his 60’s Radical Mentors did.
    They start so many fires that the system cant be everywhere to put them out. As one is quelled another is smoldering and another Flares up into chaos. So forth and so on.
    More dangerous times ahead will be when he leaves office and truely begins shadow work.
    Making untold millions from post presidential yrs, as bubba the rapist/molester has. The funneling of this money to Islam and Collectivist Radicals. Just as George Soros has done for him, Democratic Jihad Party, and Anarchists within CONUS And globaly.

    Yup, shit IS, going to get ALOT worse.
    And a change of guard isnt going to stop it or lessen it.

    God help us all.

  • Mike