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Canada Will Resettle NO SINGLE MALE Syrian Refugees!! But It’s Still Bringing In 25,000…

On the night that Canada embraced socialism even more and voted in a commie Justin Trudeau, they affirmed his policy to bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada by the end of the year. But it looks like they’re trying to assure that fewer terrorists make it in by banning single males from their resettlement program.

From the Daily Caller:

Canada’s Syrian refugee plan will be limited to women, children and families from now on after increased security concerns about single males.

Citing anonymous sources, CBC News reports that the terror attacks in Paris Nov. 13 have led the government to rethink its policy. Canada is working toward getting 25,000 Syrian refugees admitted by the end of the year and is screening applicants at a rate of 100 per day to meet the quota. The announcement of the revisions are expected to take place Tuesday.

The government has been silent about what the security screening process looks like and whether it takes place at camps in Europe or in Canada.

Settling refugees from Syria and Iraq was one of the main points on newly-elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s platform during the race this fall. Trudeau slammed conservative leaders for bringing up security concerns during a humanitarian crisis but seems to given in.

What are they worried about? According to President Dumbass, they’re all orphans and widows and wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Unless it was an infidel fly, then they’d behead every fly.

In addition to imposing this new policy, it sounds like Trudeau is going back on his promise to get it done by the end of the year and instead is extending the deadline until February.

So what made them change their tune? Amazingly, Obama got even more hellbent on bringing in refugees after the Paris attack than before.

For once, I’m envying the Canadians…

Dear State Dept PLEASE Let Michael Moore House Syrian Refugees At His Mansions!!

  • Jim Alexander

    Watch your border, this lying liberal will say anything he thinks you want to hear,

  • Pat

    Muslim women are just as fanatical as the men. The women will strap a bomb to their chest as willingly as the men. If a baby bomb will work then they’re willing to do that too. All the ISIS terrorists are Muslim so will Canada let Christian single males in??? Stupid politicians around the world are dancing around the elephant in the room which is that ISIS terrorists are MUSLIM!!! The problem is the religion of Islam!!! Anyone who claims to be Muslim should not be allowed into the country. Freedom of religion DOES NOT include religions that want to kill everyone from all other religions!!! Tolerance, Political Correctness, and Liberalism is getting people killed!!!

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