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Martin Bashir Defended Andrea Mitchell’s “Journalistic Integrity” – No Comment on WAWAgate?

More fallout from MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell’s thoroughly enjoyable “WAWAgate” scandal. Martin Bashir just 2 months ago went to bat for Andrea, completely denying any liberal bias, and vehemently defending her high “journalistic standards.”

Let’s go to the tape!

He calls Andrea, “a colleague, a friend and – in this broadcast’s opinion – one of the finest journalists in the country.”

“Andrea Mitchell has spent her career defining the odds, shattering glass ceilings, staring down presidents and dictators and all in search of the unvarnished truth… taken up by Mr. O’Reilly as an example of ‘the declining journalist standards in America’. He also implied, erroneously, that Andrea Mitchell is partof a Left-leaning press corps, which has no interest in the business of proper reporting.”

He then excoriates Fox with an error they made:

“Fox news reprimanded Mr. Cameron, took the posting down, and apologized for the incident, which they said was meant in jest.

And what did they blame for this outrageous error? Fatigue and bad judgement. Which might just apply to Mr. O’Reilly’s absurd, false, and unmerited attack on Andrea Mitchell.”

Wow, that’s a lot of righteous indignation! I wonder if Martin Bashir will be as biting in his retraction of her journalistic integrity after this last week? Actually I don’t.

Martin Bashir’s trashing of Bill O’Reilly after citing Fox News actually taking responsibility for their error is that much more glaring when he is unwilling to admonish his own colleague for obviously fulfilling the charge O’Reilly made.


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