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Obama Remembers Neil Armstrong with a Big Picture of… Himself

When I heard Neil Armstrong had passed away, it took me a while to hit me fully. I saw people send messages of remembrance and commemoration, and decided I should do my own, to show how much respect I have for a real American hero:

It is nearly literally the least I could do for someone that symbolized American greatness so thoroughly, and in so many aspects.

You know what I didn’t think to do? I didn’t think to post a picture of myself to remember Neil Armstrong. Never got into my mind that this was a good way to remember his greatness.

But then, I’m not president mompants:

[screen capped from the offical Obama 2012 Tumblr website]

I wonder if he had some pimply-faced staffer in his twenties write this for him. Did he go out and take a special picture, or just use a stock photo? Maybe that’s not even him and they photoshopped some dumbo ears onto a picture of some other guy…


I found the source of the picture, and just as I suspected, it was a stock photo taken of Obama from their Flickr account. Here is the original, posted a full four months ago:

Wow, president mompants couldn’t even be bothered to take a fresh picture. Classy! What a way for the worst president in recent memory to egotistically dishonor the death of an indisputable American hero…

UPDATE: The Flickr link was incorrect, but has been fixed.

UPDATE: White House correspondent Mark Knoller reports that Obama is calling for flags to be flown at half mast for Neil Armstrong’s funeral on Friday. At least he got something right!