Leftists Gleefully Hope Rick Warren’s Son Was Gay To Mock Religion


I find it odd that people who would call themselves gay advocates would hope so ghoulishly that Rick Warren’s son, who tragically committed suicide yesterday, was gay in order to smear Christianity. According to news reports, Warren’s son had struggled with mental illness all his life.

Of course, there are many kinds of illness that strike all kinds of people, but leave it to the despicable left to hope to justify their hatred for religion by wishing a suicide was caused by homosexuality:





Again, there is absolutely no evidence that he was gay apart from the report that he had a mental illness. The “curiosity” is borne purely out of a need to hate Rick Warren and the Christian values he represents. Then there are those who just take glee in Rick Warren’s grief and pain:

Who are the real haters?


This account is spreading the rumor as if he confirmed it, but he hardly ever tweets except for this occasion to spread an anti-Christian message, so it seems dubious:

And here’s one that especially disgusting.

While these are just random twitter accounts, it makes me wonder how they can say Christians are hate-filled for merely stating what our faith has said for thousands of years, and they spew this bigoted anti-Christian hatred.

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