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Slate Writer Says Americans Have Weird ‘Cultural Concept’ That Central Americans are ‘Foreign’

In the field of stupid stuff said to sound smart, MSNBC is really excelling excellently these days. I mean, there’s Chris Matthews saying he doesn’t “want to get ethnic, but” all Hispanics are immigrants, an Ed Show guest saying all Central Americans are Mexican, and another genius saying the Middle East wasn’t anti-Semitic until America sided with the Jews! And then… there’s this:

Slate writer Jamelle Bouie must be paid a lot of money to say stupid stuff, because he accused Americans of having this really weird notion that people who foreign to America are like, foreign or something. He was trying to make some tortured point about how Central Americans are more native to this continent than white Americans are, which of course is taken as brilliant and genius by fellow MSNBC moron Melissa Harris Perry.

But there are these things called laws. So it’s not really a good point, when you consider that there are these things called laws. And borders. And when people who are from one country cross into another, even with permission, they are foreigners. So much more so when they do it without permission. So it’s a stupid point. Yeah.

I’ll hasten to add that even the native Americans before white people took over the place had organized themselves in exclusion to each other, often attacking and ripping the hearts out of their captives, in the case of Central Americans. So Yeaaaah. Stupid.

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