Anderson Cooper Tweets ‘Obvious’ Clarification For Comparison of US to Nazi and Commie Murderers

CNN’s pendejo correspondent Anderson Cooper could have apologized for comparing CIA interrogation tactics to the genocidal Nazis and commie Khmer Rouge, but instead he gave a snooty tweet “obviously” clarifying what he meant:

Uhhh… but if that’s that case, then….

He also explained,

Here are his original comments:

The account of the genocidal communist murderers in Cambodia using waterboarding varies significantly from how the CIA did it, and it comes from one source, a man who was tortured in one of their prisons:

Nath described: “He would hang upside down into the water tank. When the water was filled up to the nose of the prisoner the prisoner wasn’t able to breathe. . . . After the interrogation finished, they were taken away and shot.”

Although to be fair, this account sounds more like the CIA methods:

Alternatively, Nath explained: “The prisoner was tied up both hand and leg and laid on his back on a slanted table. His face was covered by a cloth. . . . The interrogator poured water on the face and the prisoner could not have the chance to breath. They started to get convulsions.”

So is it a fair comparison or an attempt by Cooper to demonize the CIA?

There’s a reason you’re considered to lose a debate if you start comparing everything to the Nazis.

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