Hey Gwyneth Paltrow, If You’re Gonna Do The ‘Food Stamp Challenge,’ Then ACTUALLY Do It!!

On the ninth of April, Gwyneth Paltrow nobly gave her millions of fans the opportunity to bask in her charity and selflessness when she announced that she would do the “Food Bank NYC Challenge,” which is actually just the “SNAP Challenge” modified so that a food bank will get the publicity and donations:

Here are the rules of the SNAP Challenge – you have to live on what a person would get from SNAP benefits, which is about $29 a week.  You cannot eat food you bought before, but you can use coupons. The point is so that you experience the pain and anguish of poor families who live on government assistance.

But that’s not the point of Paltrow’s effort. It’s just liberal feel-good self-glorification. And here’s why – this is the only thing she’s posted on the challenge:

That’s it. Nothing else.

It’s been three days and she hasn’t posted any meals, or any updates on her website. Now if she was actually doing the challenge, like many stupid politicians and leftists have before her, she’d post how difficult it is to live off of $29 a week. She’s gotten tons of adoring and fawning coverage from people who always praise such “awareness raising” but pointless displays of self-adulation.

I documented many of the problems of the “challenge” on my blog. It’s the only “challenge” where the point of it is to FAIL. If Gwyneth came out after a week and said, “hey guys actually, it wasn’t that bad, you can totally eat on $29 a week!” she would be universally excoriated. She’s expected to come out and say it was awful and she couldn’t finish it. That’s the whole point.

Which is why it’s so perfect for liberals – they get to smugly look down their nose at everyone else while whining about poverty, and all they have to do is FAIL to budget properly!

The hilarious part of all of this is that many conservatives pointed out that they are able to feed their families with just that much of a budget when they are using their own funds instead of government handouts. That’s what the purveyors of this “challenge” don’t want lazy leftists to know – their conservative counterparts feed themselves every day with that budget without government assistance.

I even showed personally how to make delicious and very cheap tacos just for this “challenge.”

So, Gwyneth, it’s clear why you’re ostensibly doing the “challenge,” because when failure is the goal, and lack of foresight and planning is the means to achieve failure there’s nothing like a liberal leftist to accomplish failure with an abject lack of self knowledge.

But you can at least actually DO the damn thing.

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