Crazy Video Of Mizzou Social Justice Fascists Muscling Out Journalists From Reporting Their Public Meeting!

The University of Missouri students who got officials fired over racial allegations have set up a tent city but they’re demanding that no media cover their actions, even though it’s in a public area.

There’s really amazing video of the totalitarians muscling out a reporter from doing his job.

Watch below:

At 5:20, one totalitarian idiot says he’s an “unethical reporter” because he doesn’t “respect their space.” That’s not the definition of journalistic ethics, moron.

As David Freddoso of the Washington Examiner said, these students “aren’t ready to live in a free society. It is a failed school.”

Just remarkable.

And don’t miss the woman at the end of the video.

Melissa Click is assistant professor at University of Missouri, but in her off time, she’s a fascist totalitarian who wants to set up a social justice warrior North Korean camp and doesn’t want any damn media to record it.

Here she is caught on camera calling for student “muscle” to take out a student journalist:

It appears that she tries to grab his camera, which comes pretty close to assault.

Amazingly, she is actually teaches communications, meaning that she would be instructing student journalists in her classroom.

She must have started to see the social media firestorm coming, because she’s protected her Twitter account:

Yeah… she’s in trouble.

Here’s the entire video so you can see the context of her totalitarian actions.

[h/t Matt Dawson]

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