Reports Of Rubio Camp Calling Voters, Telling Them Jeb Suspended Campaign BEFORE SC Vote – CBSN

In this video report from CBSN before the South Carolina results came in, the reporter says that they have been hearing allegations that the Marco Rubio campaign was calling voters to tell them Jeb had suspended his campaign and to vote for Rubio instead.

The reporter asks Lindsey Graham to comment on the allegations in an interview before results came in.

Watch below:

I haven’t seen these allegations anywhere else, so it’d be interesting to see what substantive evidence CBSN might have for these accusations.

If it’s true, which is a big if, it would be incredible hypocritical for the Rubio campaign to have done this after they railed on Cruz for what happened in Iowa.


Apparently the accusations are from South Carolina State Senator Katrina Shealy:

Notice she says ignore the “calls.”


The Jeb Bush campaign is also accusing the Marco Rubio camp of dirty tricks:

This was in response to this tweet:

A lot of accusations flying around.

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