Ben Carson Accidentally OUTS Trump As A Shameless Pandering Non-Believer!

Ben Carson continues to be the worst candidate surrogate ever with his reassurances today that Trump is actually becoming religious. But along the way he pretty much admits that Trump was lying along about his supposed religiosity.

From the Hill:

Ben Carson said he thinks Donald Trump is starting to believe in “a greater power” and is praying more often.

Trump’s former presidential rival, a key surrogate and possible vice presidential pick, told The Hill on Friday that he believes Trump is becoming more spiritual.

“I know that he has prayed. I have eyewitness,” Carson said in a Facebook Live interview.

Asked whether he had personally seen Trump pray, the retired neurosurgeon, who is a man of deep Christian faith, conceded he had only heard about Trump praying.

“I have not seen him [pray] but I have eyewitnesses who have,” Carson said. “And I think he’s starting to move more in that direction. I think that’s a good thing.

“I think he’s starting to recognize that there’s a greater power. And I tell him, just last week, that I believe God is using him.”

“Starting to recognize”?

Now doesn’t that sound like Trump wasn’t religious at all before his supposed swerve into faith?

I think Carson has been bamboozled the same way the Donald does to everyone else – he has literally said that he tells people the fantasies they want to hear.

Do you all remember how people FREAKED OUT when we made fun of the Donald for not knowing anything from the Bible and concluded that he’s really not a Christian? Yeah, Ben Carson just confirmed our suspicions, giving us another glimpse into Trump’s extensive con game. And consider all the times he mocked Cruz for “waving the Bible around” when Trump himself was literally doing that, and pretending to be a Christian.