SooperPodcast 385! Corona-Spiracy-Virus MLK Commie Preppers!!

THIS WEEK we have RheuMattroid and OsteoperoJess and we get into a horse-faced pony soldier debate about the dreaded CoronEbolAids virus! Finally we dispel the mystery about hurlbutt! Wow! Then Matt tries not to spoil “Don’t EFF with Cats” on Netflix, then el Sooper explains devil worshippers on military bases. Also the mystery of where Brock Lennon was done disappeared to! Then El Sooper gives us all a history lesson on Black History and then Matt gives us all a less fascinating history about the Monguls! WOW!

Logic is the my-microphone of Soop.

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AND… the GREAT GRATE KATCHUP DEBATE!! This is a good one.