AB5 author Lorena Gonzalez gets a smackdown by a small business owner and exposes her elitism

Lorena Gonzalez, the statist union puppet who authored the freelance-killing AB5 bill in California, is not having a great time. First, her preferred candidate Liz Warren got humiliated in the presidential race, then her backup bae, Bernie Sanders, lost his campaign, and then sold out to the establishment!

That’s why she’s lashing out like an idiot on Twitter:

Oh the poor commie Marxist, you can really feel her existential angst as she languishes away in her middle class existence.

Then she has to deal with one of her constituents that she has destroyed through her idiotic union-serving bill:

Perfectly reasonable response from someone toiling under the tyranny of Democrats’ stranglehold of the local state government.

Check out Lorena’s pathetic reply:

Very nice. What condescending arrogant degenerate. This is one of your constituents, you scumbag.

Well she came back pretty nicely:

Wow. As you can imagine, the dim-witted union hack had nothing to say after that.

But this little exchange is getting a lot of attention:

This is exactly the kind of conceited idiocy that constituents have come to expect from Democratic politicians – they demand the voters serve as their peons, and disdain the very thought of actually fulfilling their role as public servants.

Here’s some more on AB5, the freelance-killing law: