Do Democrats really believe Chinese people live better than Americans?

SO I came upon a fascinating little tweet today that blew my mind. Check it out below:

Here’s the text in case she deletes:

Capitalism: “I got mines. Sucks to be you!”

Communism/socialism: “We all have, therefore you have”

But their system is wrong & ours is right

We really have been indoctrinated

Reminder: There are no homeless people in China & Cuba has free healthcare

But we’re “the best” 🙄

Now, I’m not gonna reject that out of hand. I think we generally live better under a free market capitalist system, but let’s prove it with some facts.

It does seem that China has spent a crap ton of money in order to alleviate poverty. But what does that mean in a very agrarian society like China? This is what it means:

SICULAR: A fairly large number of people in China are close to the poverty line and are vulnerable to poverty. So it has to be a sustained, ongoing effort.

RUWITCH: And that gets at questions about what the party was targeting in the first place. China defines extreme poverty as earning less than $2.30 a day at purchasing power parity. The World Bank’s figure is a $1.90 a day, but that’s generally for low-income countries. In the upper-middle income category, where China sits, the bank suggests a poverty line of $5.50 a day. By that standard, the World Bank’s Martin Raiser says…

RAISER: China still has around 13% of its population falling below that line, or close to 200 million people.

RUWITCH: 200 million people – and they’re not all in the countryside, where the government’s efforts have focused. Raiser says many people in cities don’t make $5.50 a day. And he says this fixation on meeting a minimum income threshold should become increasingly irrelevant anyway.

This isn’t from some right wing pro-free market group, I lifted it from NPR, where they were quoting Martin Raiser, the World Bank’s representative in China. Ruwitch is NPR’s correspondent.

So, when someone imagines that the communist system is better in China, they’re talking about 200 MILLION people who are making LESS than $6 a day.

By comparison, you can work one hour in the U.S. and make more than that.

And that’s why poor people don’t move to China. And Democrats are complete pendejos.

They point out that much of the poverty reduction in China was due to the commie government instituting free market conditions to let people lift themselves out of poverty. Amazing! 

Here’s a documentary about children in rural China who have to walk 5 kilometers every day just to go school. That’s three miles. Sounds like socialist paradise to me.