SooperPodcast #482!! Covidmexican at the furry convention with crippling anxiety!!

WE FINALLY HAVE A NEW PODCAST and el Sooper admits that he done came down with the COVID, possibly after hanging out with fat comic book nerds and slutty superhero cosplay chicks. Then she tricks him into being way tooo open and personal about his new anxiety issues so you’re gonna be subjected to that. It’s a racing mind problem!! Then he talks about going to the emergency room and being completely forsaken by a nurse. Also!! El Sooper attacks parents of dead children what a jerk!! Then there’s an arguing with black people update and accidental carjacking update. Also a stuck in a public bathroom update!! ALSO Twitter ads thinks I’m a cat mother, and that I am interested in bras for women with small boobs while Jess gets ads for bras for elderly women. ALSO el Sooper talks about a really dumb tweet about socialism and capitalism and he SNAPPED! So you have to hear about it. Also Matt poops on Twitter. AND the shattle!! You have to go listen now!!

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